Volta Polska has comprehensive expertise across the entire value chain of energy projects and is a fully integrated player in the field. As an independent energy producer, Volta Polska acts as a long-term partner for its customers, local authorities, and companies.

We invest, You produce green energy.

Volta Polska is a long term investor in solar rooftops, solar car parking shades and solar farms for local authorities, manufacturers, retailers, logisticians, and farmers.

Volta Polska is an independent energy producer driven by long term sustainability of its investments. Once investment is completed by Volta Polska, Photovoltaic Power plant is producing green electricity on site with or without reinjection to grid.

Key benefits for Customers:

  • Opportunity to install green energy plant capacities without any Capex.
  • Long term green energy price security.
  • Experienced Investment team in over 100 Solar projects.

Volta Polska support each customer in its energy transformation by investing and providing the most sustainable agreements such as Solar as a Service (SaaS) and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA).

We invest, You produce green energy on your rooftop and at your property.

Volta Polska develops, finances, builds, and operates solar power plants on customers’ buildings so called “rooftop”. Volta Polska can also finance the construction or renovation of the building, which rooftop is used to operate solar power plants. Volta Polska is also investing in the on-site solar power plants on customers’ solar car parking shades, land in industrial parks, and on public infrastructure.

As solar power plant is producing green electricity on site, Volta Polska provides the electricity to the property owner for its own consumption through Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) or Solar as a Service (SaaS).

Volta Polska is developing solar rooftop and on-site photovoltaic power plants for production capacities between 300kWp and 3MWp. Several business models and approaches are possible.

Key benefits for property owners:

  • Zero risk. All design, construction and operations risks are on Volta.
  • Zero Capex. Volta is making full investment.
  • Property owners can shortly receive certificates and guarantees of Origin

We invest, You produce Green electricity on your land.

Volta Polska develops and invest in greenfield photovoltaic farm projects between 3 and 50 MWp capacity. Driven by long term sustainability, Volta Polska acts as long term partner for landowners and local authorities.

Key benefit for landowners and local authorities:

  • Zero risk. All design, constructions and operations risks are on Volta.
  • Zero Capex. Volta is making full investment.
  • 25 to 30 years guaranteed lease on long term for landowner.
  • Local authorities can be proactive in energy transition.
  • End customers can secure large volumes of green energy at guaranteed price for long term.

In addition, the Volta Group has developed significant expertise in photovoltaic projects including battery storage. Several plants are currently in operation. The Volta Group is developing photovoltaic power plants with battery storage for production capacities between 1 and 5 MW. This significant “value-added” market sector has the dual advantage of being both environmentally and economically beneficial. It develops decarbonized energy production on island areas and contributes to the energy autonomy of the territories concerned, where it replaces expensive thermal electricity generators that have a high carbon footprint.

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