Volta Polska


Volta Polska is an independent renewable energy producer that develops, finances, builds and operates photovoltaic on-site and off-site power plants.

Volta’s Group assets are operated reflecting its long-term vision and investment horizon, and the Group is active throughout the entire value chain of the sector.

Quality and sustainability are the main drivers of the Volta investment philosophy.

The Volta Group notably operates in three significant ‘value-added’ business areas:

Volta Polska supports each customer in their energy transformation by investing and providing the most sustainable agreements such as Solar as a Service (SaaS) and Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA).
Solar rooftop and on-site photovoltaic power plant
for local authorities, manufacturers, retailers, logisticians, and farmers.
Solar Farm and off-site photovoltaic power plant
For green and Brownfield projects with or without battery storage.

Noteworthy shareholders

Volta Polska is owned by the Volta Group and its two local partners, Antoine Mocachen and Stéphane Rauber, utilizing their extensive track-record in development of large scale projects with corporate prime players. Volta Group has already more than 100 photovoltaic installations. With the support of a large network of developers and local installation partners (EPC), Volta Group is currently developing a large portfolio of projects in France and abroad.

Volta Group is supported by the Eiffel Essential fund. Volta marks the first investment by Eiffel Essential, a growth capital fund launched in 2021 by the Eiffel Investment Group.

Management team

Stéphane Rauber

Managing Director and co-founder

+48 690 647 106

Antoine Mocachen

CEO and co-founder

+48 515 348 929

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