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Stocznia Cesarska – Budynek Dyrekcji
Plac Porozumienia Gdańskiego 1
80-864 Gdańsk, Poland

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You are?

Companies or local authorities

For those wishing to develop and optimize a land area, rooftop, car park or photovoltaic solar power plant project.

Volta Polska will propose offers adapted to your specific needs.

Property owners

For those looking to enhance the value of a property and/ or reduce carbon footprint as part of an environmental approach.

Volta Polska offers customized solutions and supports clients at every stage of the project.

Solar panel installers (EPC)

Those developing photovoltaic projects can benefit from technical and financial support to bring a project to fruition.

Volta Polska offers tailor-made partnerships aimed at EPCs at ensuring projects have a successful outcome.


For those wishing to install a photovoltaic power plant on their land to enhance its value without any capital outlay, to benefit from a new outbuilding or by renovating your existing one or to receive additional income in the form of long-term rent.

Volta Polska handles all stages of the project.

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