Green energy solutions for business

As an independent producer of renewable energy, Volta Polska is a committed player in energy transition for local authorities, manufacturers, retailers, logisticians, and farmers.


From on-site rooftop solar plants to ground-based photovoltaic farms, Volta Polska adapts to each customer with innovative solutions.

Financial solidity

Volta Polska benefits from its committed partnership with Group Volta, its notable shareholder, the Eiffel Investment Group, its rich and deep experience, with more than hundred renewable energy power plants in operation.


As a close-knit company, Volta Polska is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its technical partners selected for their expertise and experience in renewable energy projects.


We invest, you produce green energy

Long term investment in photovoltaic power plant

Solar rooftops and on-site photovoltaic power plants

Development, investment and management on customers rooftops and lands

Solar farms and off-site photovoltaic power plants

Development and investment

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